Krzysztof Jaskowiec
Born in Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Lives & works in Leicestershire, UK

Krzysztof is a Photography and Video Graduate at De Montfort University.
In photography, he appreciates the mystery, simplicity and restraint. Therefore, most of his photographs are shoot in black and white scale. His major attention is focused on real-life problems, like strikes and society issues. He enjoys street photography, where he can “catch” real feelings and expressions. 
Krzysztof tries to learn new things by attending photography galleries and conferences constantly. With a camera in his hand, he aims to catch and save all the beautiful and painful moments in a piece of photo paper.
Here, on Krzysztof’s website, he will present you the set of unforgettable photographs full of various emotions and memories. In his blog, you will be able to find Krzysztof’s work, projects and thoughts. 

2014 - 2019 Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Video, De Montfort University, UK
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